Because many people have asked if they can be their own general contractor and save thousands of dollars, we have now altered our business plan to rely upon our Factory Direct / Wholesale Pricing program.

Vermont Modular is exactly what you are looking for but only if you want to save a lot of money.

If you as the home owner wants to act as your own General Contractor you will save big bucks! Being your own General Contractor is not for everyone because: it is a lot of work requiring you to invest your time and energy but, you can save tens of thousands of dollars if you are a confidant person this could be exactly what you have been looking for this could be your time to save a lot!

Vermont Modular will help: if you are willing to devote time and effort, we will help you.

Building a home can be scary, we will be there throughout to advise and assist.  

Let's be honest, the only reason people choose to be their own General Contractor is to save money