Welcome Home - Have you considered Modular?

Hey there, got a moment?

Hello, and a very warm Welcome from Vermont Modular Homes.  Yes, we build Modular Homes.  This is not to be confused with prefab, or mobile homes.  We think that education about what a Modular Home is, and why it's often confused with mobile and prefab homes, will prevail.  (More coming soon on that!)

I Know What A Modular Is, so why did I just read that?

Great question!  Because of the confusion in modular vs mobile vs prefab; other companies have made money off the general confusion surrounding modular homes.  That doesn't seem right, does it?  Every home that Vermont Modular builds is 100% custom built.  Anything you want; any size, shape, dimensions, etc.  We are sure you see the bigger picture already!

It's your home, why would you buy anything other than what you want?


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What are you waiting for?  This process begins and ends with you.  What that means is you have to contact us, or it never goes any further!